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Ultimate furniture arm protectors If you have an upholstered armchair or sofa, you know that the arms are susceptible to a wide range of adverse conditions. Baring this in mind, it is safe to say that the very first stains usually occur at the arms, especially if you have children, pets or frequent house guests. For your protection custom arm covers are the perfect solution to hide unsightly stains, tears and scratches. Ergonomically designed and contoured to your specific furniture piece, Custom Arm Cover Protectors dress the front of the arm from tip of the arm to the top of seat cushion, and from tip of the arm to the back of furniture. Choose a furniture slipcover and matching arm cover coverlets in the same style fabric for a seamless look. Prevent and Conceal Damage Slipcovers for couches help keep the dirt and grime at bay, protecting and renewing the look of your living area. However, couch and sofa chair arms are far more prone to suffering spills and rough-housing than the rest of the piece. If your sofa’s arms get intensely worn and torn by guests, kids, or pets, you may find that arm covers are a simple and attractive solution. Of course arm slipcovers for couches can be used to prevent harm, but they can also aid you in covering up already existing damage.

How do you keep your sofa's arms clean? Throw the arm covers in the wash! Order your sofa arm covers from today! Armrest covers are the ultimate gears made to protect the arms of your sofa. From tiny slip ups like stains or your evil cat, this is an excellent form of protection for your sofa. Comfort Works make armrest covers of various sizes, depending on the type of armrest your sofa has. These arm protectors come in all of our fabrics except the leather (Modena and Urbanskin).

Made especially for your sofa arms. If you have an upholstered sofa or chair, you know that the very first stains occur at the arms of the furniture. For prevention - use Armrest Covers that is a perfect solution if you have kids or especially pets. Armrest Covers – will cover the front of sofa arm, from tip of the arm down to the top of seat cushion and from tip of the arm to the back of furniture. Beats buying sofa slipcover.

Our adopted kittens decided to amuse themselves one afternoon, chewing the piping off of the seam of one of the arms of my Pottery Barn sofa - I about had a heart attack when I got home. Replacing the sofa was not an option. After looking around on line for armrest covers, and discovering they were about $60.00 + a piece, I about had another heart attack! Hoping for a less expensive option, I checked Walmart, online, and discovered these armrest covers. I would rate these covers as "fine." The fabric is a good beige neutral, in that kind of low-knap, fleece-like fabric, very thin, no lining. They are also very large, I assume to fit over the large, round, "rolled" style sofa arms that were popular a few years ago. They are too large for my sofa, but they just drape down the side, and look "ok." I think these are a great value for what they are, but the quality is pretty much on par for what you can expect to buy from Walmart. As I did not want to spend a lot of money on armrest covers, these did the trick. If you are looking for more of a custom fit, or a higher end fabric, you may be disappointed. The other thing, I don't recall that the specs identified that you get 2 per package. I accidently ordered 2 packages, and ended up with 4 covers. There are 2 per package.

It looks like a sturdy, thick, woven, fitted, fabric in the picture, but it is really, really thin and floppy and completely open at the bottom. It's just like putting a piece of cloth over each arm. Any little bump and its knocked off to the floor, or really bunched up. I'm glad to have it to cover a couple tears in the arms of my loveseat, but I'll have to fix the arm covers first. I plan on sewing elastic straps on to the covers, to tie them down around the bottom of each side of the couch. Hopefully this will help.

A.I have a typical sofa arm, and there is plenty of fabric to cover the arm entirely with fabric to spare. It also has the capability of stretching. I imagine, unless your arms are overstuffed and huge, this will fit just about anything.

We purchased 2 sets of the armrest covers for our new leather loveseat and sofa, to protect them from everyday dirt and stains from frequent use in south Florida (high humidity and sweat) which collected on our old fabric furniture. Unfortunately these don't hold to the leather arms and slip off. We took back the unopened set and making due with the other in addition to a kitchen dish towel which is longer and can be tucked into crease between the armrest and sofa back. These probably would work better on fabric, but not on smooth leather or other smooth materials.

The Sofa Tray provides a hard surface on your sofa armrest for resting a beverage or some snacks. Lined with linen fabric on the back, the surface is non-slip and gentle on your sofa. When not in use, it can be rolled away.

A.I couldn't find any arm protectors in white, and I looked on line for quite some time. If your upholstery is white (mine is,) these look brown. Brown, not beige.

These covers are as advertised, they stretch to fit, and stay put most of the time. They wash well, and come out of the dryer looking like new.

I cannot recommend these covers if you have a leather chair. The constantly slip, there is nothing to hold them in place and I am not putting pins in the leather! There is nothing adhesive in the back to keep them straight. They certainly are long enough and would have provided good coverage. So if you are buying these, only get them if you have a cloth covered chair.